Our Services

Truck Transport Service

Normal / Open Body / Mini trucks are provided at short notice.

Escort Logistics

Provided free when needed by mutual agreement.

Loading/unloading Services

Cranes can be arranged at loading / unloading sites on payment basis.

Trailer Transport Service

Mechanical Trailers of various capacities registered under Motor Vehicles Act.

Warehouse Facilities

Covered Shed / Open Area available at Bhopal at no extra charge. At other locations / sites on chargeable basis. We arrange for storage at warehouse and sites.

Manual loading and unloading Transport service

Manual load/unload service is provided for consignments weighing up to 450 MT. Further, we undertake transporting all types of export jobs by trucks to port in India under our supervision at all stages. Progress is intimated to clients from important locations on the way of transport.

Transit Insurance

We can arrange for the transit insurance facility at your cost in our open policy.